About Us

As Caldini, we have been proudly continuing our activities as a domestic aerosol producer for more than 30 years. Our headquarters and production facilites are based in Gebze Industrial Region in Istanbul. We produce with 3 fully automatic aerosols, 2 fully automatic linear liquid filling machines and semi-automatic machines according to the product range. We are focused on adding more value to the society with prioritizing the production of spray and technical aerosol. We do not compromise in high quality, as we embrace the best performance culture.

Founded by Abdurrahim Suvay, our company has reached a production facility of 15,000 square meters through this era. Our factory is the only self sustainable facilty in Turkey, that can meet it’s own needs and producing with full capacity. Caldini develops its products in its own laboratory and offers it to the service of its consumers after all necessary test stages. Our R&D and design departments maintain the high quality of our products.

Caldini moves forward with its domestic and global targets with innovative developement strategies. We reach our users and consumers directly with 160 sales points and distributor network that we have established in all over Turkey. Our company, which develops its vision by supplying its products to more than 30 countries around the world, is growing with firm steps to become a global brand with domestic production Caldini products are divided into industrial, mechanical, cosmetic, paint, textile, cleaning, oil and additives. It is leading the industry with more than 380 product variety. Following the factory in Gebze, Caldini opened it’s second factory in Yalova to produce spray paint and invested greatly into the spray paint industry.

Our Mission

Following the ongoing values of the company, focusing well on the fields of activity and production, never compromising the production of quality products, being a success and people oriented, environmentally conscious, economical, renewable company that gives hope for the future and creates value for the society.

Our Vision

Becoming a global leader in the field while producing sustainable and high performing, innovative products, making a difference and becoming a permanant company.

Our Values

Sincerity: We protect respect and love and build a trust-based relationship with all of our stakeholders.

Courage: We are not afraid of taking risks and we don’t hesitate on taking a step. We freely express ideas out loud. We take action and responsibility with initiatives.

Progress: We try to do the work we know best,; striving to reach all kinds of knowledge for our goals. With the power of science, technology, and a positive curiosity, taking advantage from our past experiences, we head towards the future with hope, become the pioneers of development and change.

Participation: We involve our stakeholders in every point they are interested in, share their opinions, encourage them, and strive to grow in cooperation.

Usefulness: Our goal is to produce useful products that are conscious with the society and contribute to humankind at the same time.